Step Six

“Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

    As you continue to work the steps, whether fighting sex addiction or porn addiction or a non-addict, you will begin to see defects in your character one at a time. You will come to the point that you feel the weight of the defect, the pain it causes others as well as yourself, is heavier than whatever it is you felt it was providing you. Maybe it was your shield against hurt. Maybe it was your walled border to keep people away. Whatever it was, you’ve reached the end of your journey with it and have found yourself crying out to God for Him to take it away!

    You’ll see that the wording in Step Six is “Were entirely ready…” This shows a state of mind that was a result from a change in attitude from working Steps 1-5. That state of mind is surrender. If you find yourself at Step Six and not willing to surrender, it’s best to speak with your sponsor about possibly reworking 1-5.

    Step Six is all about surrendering the right to hang on to our defects. If you’re reading this in the USA, you know that, addict or non-addict, we are a people that proclaims and holds on to our independence fiercely. What is our is ours and you won’t take it and we won’t give it up! In the previous steps, you can see that surrender is happening at each level. Here, it continues to the point that you become ready to surrender aspects of your own personality that may have become a core part of who you are. 

    Thank goodness that Twelve Steps doesn’t ask you to do this alone! 

You have a community in your meetings and a sponsor to walk with you through it. 

    If you have questions about what it means to become ready to surrender aspects of your personality or if reading these posts has led you to believe that it my be time to start your own recovery, check out my website to learn how to set up a time the we can meet!