Step Seven

“Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.”

    Steps Six and Seven are usually paired together. Six is becoming willing to ask God to remove our defects and Seven is actually asking. So, it would be completely logical to think that these steps can be done very quickly and by yourself. After all, You can simply decide you are ready and ask God on your own, right? Well… yes and no. 

    A common saying in recovery is

“the same line of thinking that got you here can’t get you out.”

    In other words, if you find yourself trying to use the same tactics in your recovery as in your addiction, you’re in trouble. So, if you are going about Steps Six and Seven alone, stop isolating and talk to your sponsor!

    In addition to taking these Steps with the help of your sponsor and your community, you also take Step Seven over and over again. Anytime you encounter conflict or heightened feelings, no matter what the other person did, if you are disturbed, there’s always a part you’ve played.

“What’s my part in this” is a question that every addict and non-addict would do well to ask about any conflict.

    Because you are working the Steps in sequential order, you’ll do your Step Seven once. But, because you are continuing to live your life, you’ll need to do it every single time you encounter conflict. 

    Do you have trouble managing conflict? Do you have trouble seeing what part you play in it? Are you fighting against sex addiction or porn addiction? Do you have questions about Step Seven or any of the other Twelve Steps? Check out my website to set up an appointment for us to talk!