Step Twelve

“Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps, we tried to carry the message to sexaholics and practice these principles in all our affairs.”

    Step Twelve is the litmus test for if a person has truly worked, and been changed by, Steps One - Eleven. It is the inevitable result of what has come before it. 

    A person struggling against addiction is divorced from their own heart (their self), others, and God. They are unable to connect with any of those three.

The spiritual awakening that Step Twelve speaks of is where the spirit (one’s true self) is made alive to itself, others, and God.

The connection has come back online.

    This is true second order change. If you have experienced that kind of healing, you’re going to want to tell others about it. 

    On top of spreading the message of healing, a recovering sex addict will also continue practicing the Twelve Steps. There is no graduation! When you complete (and continue working) Step Twelve, you circle back and begin Step One again. Why? Because it helps you show up. It helps you remain humble and accountable. And it reminds you that you can’t do this on your own. You need others. You need God. 

    Over the past two weeks, I’ve written a little bit about each of the Twelve Steps. It’s my sincere hope that if you’re a man near the Nashville, TN, Brentwood, TN, or Franklin, TN area and you are struggling with sex addiction or porn addiction, that you will have found these posts helpful in learning that hope is real.

You can find recovery and healing.

You can begin your journey to a fulfilling and abundant life. 

    If you’re not an addict, but you found your way here, the Twelve Steps are for you as well. Who among us hasn’t tried to take control when we are afraid? Who among us hasn’t at one point or another convinced ourselves that we can’t depend on others and that we must “do it ourselves?” The Twelve Steps can help you surrender, take stock, and find unity and interdependence. 

    If you live in the middle Tennessee area (Nashville, TN, Brentwood, TN, or Franklin, TN, etc.) and you would like help finding healing and hope in the midst of life’s toughness, I’d love to help. Check out my website to learn how to set up and appointment!