Defects Of Character

Step Seven

In addition to taking these Steps with the help of your sponsor and your community, you also take Step Seven over and over again. Anytime you encounter conflict or heightened feelings, no matter what the other person did, if you are disturbed, there’s always a part you’ve played. “What’s my part in this” is a question that every addict and non-addict would do well to ask about any conflict.

Step Six

Step Six is all about surrendering the right to hang on to our defects. If you’re reading this in the USA, you know that, addict or non-addict, we are a people that proclaims and holds on to our independence fiercely. What is our is ours and you won’t take it and we won’t give it up! In the previous steps, you can see that surrender is happening at each level. Here, it continues to the point that you become ready to surrender aspects of your own personality that may have become a core part of who you are.